2019 HBC Weightless & Fitness Challenge

Additional Information

In preparation for this next phase of the weight-loss challenge, the HBC Secretariat worked with The 2019 Weight-loss & Fitness Challenge has been designed by physical exercise and fitness industry professionals and is planned to run from February 2, 2019 to June 1, 2019. The goal of this challenge is to organize an individual healthy weight loss and physical exercise activity for persons who want to responsibly lose weight as they journey toward a healthier existence, with the support of physical fitness professionals and consultation with appropriate clinical healthcare providers. 

Agreed criteria for eligible programmes are those that incorporate the use of three minimum components, namely,

  1. increased physical activity,
  2. diet adjustment, and
  3. behavioural change.

There are two categories of competitors.

1. Institution-sponsored candidates

Invitations are extended to physical fitness centres and gyms in New Providence to nominate and/or identify between three to five individuals from among their clients to represent their companies/organizations in this challenge. 

2. Individual candidate

Individuals who are not a part of any formal programme, club or gym, my also register as an individual. 

There are three age-groupings in  which individuals register. The adolescent group for persons aged 13 to 17 years, adult from 18 to 64 years and older persons aged 65 years and over. 

Individuals will be compared with each other in terms of parameters judged, and by sex. Percentage improvements in the areas of waist circumference, BMI, and skinfold thickness measurements as well as other areas such as biometric and fitness levels may be used to determine the success of individuals and the final results of individuals in the competition.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category, by sex. All enrolled participants will be recognized, and the winning programme will be recognized and celebrated by the Ministry of Health.


Participation is easy and registration is free!!  Simply provide your name and contact information.  

Gyms and fitness programs can select and encourage their members to be a part of this initiative as well.  

Complete, sign and submit the registration form found in the "Downloads" page of this website to  Do it today!!!

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