HBC SubCommittees

Alcohol Consumption Reduction

Highlighting the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, while bringing awareness to the high levels of consumption of alcohol in The Bahamas. reducing access to drinking alcohol by the under-aged while improving access to counseling and other services to help reduce the abuse of drinking alcohol.

Cancer Awareness

Promotion of the importance of routine screening through highlighting recommended screening guidelines as proposed by the Cancer Society of The Bahamas. Increasing awareness on the importance of the prevention and/or early diagnosis of cancer.

Child & Adolescent Health

Promoting the image and characteristics of a healthy child at various age groups, while highlighting healthy activities for attaining and maintaining healthy weights in children.

Diabetes and Hypertension Awareness

Raising awareness of the importance of close management of diabetes and hypertension. Increasing education and awareness on the pitfalls of management of these two conditions, and the role of family members and friends in the management of these two conditions.  Increasing access to and the availability of suitably-trained health educators and counselors.

HBC Promotions

Promoting the Healthy Bahamas Coalition as well as the successes of the SubCommittees.  Responsible for most of the Public Relations work of the HBC.

Mental Health

Reducing the stigma associated with ill mental health through improving mental health literacy in the wider community and increasing knowledge on the services available to treat ill mental health conditions

National Non-Communicable Diseases Strategic Plan

Support the creation of the National NCD Strategic plan and the execution of the Implementation plan thereof. Both the National NCD Strategic Plan 2017-2022 entitled “Wellness in the Nation” and its accompanying Implementation Plan have been completed. The latter is in various stages of execution.


Identify healthy dietary alternatives to commonly consumed unhealthy Bahamian foods. Increase the skill of interpreting nutrition labels on food items

Older Persons' Health

Promote the importance of preserving health and preparing for healthy ageing from a younger age. Increase awareness of the challenges faced with long-term residences that house older persons and propose solutions to resolving those challenges. 

Physical Activity For All Ages

Develop national physical activity guidelines. Identify safe, accessible areas for physical activity in community settings; improve physical activity literacy and the importance and benefits of improving physical fitness.  Increasing recognition and access of suitably trained personal trainers.

Tobacco Cessation and Control

Highlight the dangers of tobacco consumption while agitating for the introduction of a Tobacco Control Bill. Improve access to counseling services that help persons who want to quit smoking

Violence & Injury Prevention

Highlighting the dangers and challenges with intentional violence in our society, especially among the youth. Increase the awareness of programmes that assist in de-escalating violence, provide for a to elevate the discussion on the importance of addressing violence in the community.