Core Committee Members


Government Ministries & Agencies

  Government Ministries & Agencies 1. Adolescent Health Clinic, Department of Public Health 2. C. W. Sawyer Primary School, Department of Education 3. Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, Department of Public Health 4. Consumer Affairs Office, Ministry of Labour & National Insurance 5. Department of Environmental Health Services 6. Department of Gender & Family Affairs 7. Department of Public Health 8. Department of Road Traffic 9. Gerald Cash Primary School, Department of Education 10. Grand Bahama Community Health Services 11. Health Education Unit, Ministry of Health 12. Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Ministry of Health 13. Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources 14. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 15. Ministry of Finance 16. Ministry of Financial Services 17. Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration 18. Ministry of Health 19. Ministry of Labour & National Insurance 20. Ministry of Public Service 21. Ministry of Social Services & Community Development 22. Ministry of Tourism 23. Ministry of Transport & Aviation 24. Ministry of Works & Urban Development 25. National Health Insurance Secretariat 26. National Insurance Board 27. Nutrition Unit, Department of Public Health 28. Office of the Attorney General of The Bahamas 29. Office of The Prime Minister 30. Policy & Planning Unit, Ministry of Health 31. Psychiatry Department, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre 32. Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Public Hospitals Authority 33. T. G. Glover Primary School, Department of Education  

Civil Society & Faith-based Organizations

1. Bahamas Atlantic Region Commonwealth Nurses & Midwives Federation 2. Bahamas Christian Council 3. Bahamas Communications & Public Officers Union 4. Bahamas Dental Association 5. Bahamas Insurers Association  6. Bahamas Medical Association 7. Bahamas Nurses Association 8. Bahamas Pharmacy Association 9. Cancer Society of The Bahamas 10. Sister/Sister Breast Cancer Support Group 11. Southern Bahamas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists 12. Women’s Crisis Centre  

Private Sector

 1. A Healthy Difference - Nutrition Consultants 2. Bahamas Chamber of Commerce & Employers Confederation 3. Bahamas Electricity Corporation 4. Central Bank of The Bahamas 5. Commonwealth Bank 6. Doctors Hospital Health Systems 7. Elite Fitness Consultants 8. Royal Bank of Canada Scotia Bank Bahamas 


1. Southern College 2. University of The Bahamas