About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of the Healthy Bahamas Coalition is to harness the power of civil society, in collaboration with government, private enterprise, academia, and international partners, in the development and implementation of plans for the prevention and management of chronic diseases.  

Our History


The Healthy Bahamas Coalition (HBC) serves as the National Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Commission for The Bahamas, and has been composed to provide a “mechanism for effective multi-sectoral action in prevention and control of NCDs at the national level” through re-orienting and strengthening the national response, especially regarding risk factors.  

Formed in 2015 by an act of the Cabinet of the Government of The Bahamas, the Healthy Bahamas Coalition was formed.  Consisting of public, private, faith-based and civil society agencies in the bid to combat the determinants of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), this body, seeks to address a number of issues that impact the incidence and prevalence of NCDs, as well as reduce the morbidity and mortality associated therewith across the life span. 

The call is being made for society to agitate and demand healthier food choices and the revision of existing policies and the creation of new policies that will reduce access to harmful substances, including fatty foods, sugary drinks, salty meals and exposure to tobacco smoke and products, while promoting good nutrition, healthy behaviours and choices like more physical activity, fruits and vegetables, safe drinking water sources in school and communities. It is known that by addressing these areas, the health issues associated with non-communicable diseases can begin to be mitigated against. 

Our Staff and Volunteers

The Healthy Bahamas Coalition is comprised of a group of about 90 – 100 volunteers from some fifty different Government agencies, civil society groups, faith-based organizations and private companies (called the Core Committee) who have agreed to meet to work on policies and initiatives to address health issues and to improve the life of Bahamians through the reduction, prevention and management of non-communicable diseases. 

The HBC is supported by a Secretariat of full-time staff and led by a Chairman.  The work of the Coalition is led by SubCommittee Leads from the Core Committee membership.