242 F.I.T. Initiative


200,000 kg of weight loss * 4 gals of water drank weekly * 2 billion steps FUN.INTENTIONAL.TEAMWORK


The Bahamas is facing a national health crisis.

With more than three in every five Bahamians being either overweight or obese, we are among the top ten heaviest countries in the world.

We have to reduce

A healthy weight is attained through responsibly reducing caloric intake and increasing physical activity. The Ministry of Health and the Healthy Bahamas Coalition sends out a clarion call for Bahamians to take the long-needed adjustments in our behavior to achieve a healthier reputation in the world. We have therefore launched the 242 F.I.T. initiative.

By the end of 2018, we are challenging Bahamians to 

1. have collectively lost 200,000 kilogrammes of weight,

2. consume 4 gallons of water on a weekly basis, and 

3. collectively walk 2 billion steps

We invite you to engage in FUN as we tackle this challenge, be INTENTIONAL and consistent in our approach. And rely on TEAM WORK as a country to achieve these goals. 

242 FIT. 

Join us today! 

For more information contact us at healthybahamascoalition@gmail.com or visit our website at www.healthybahamascoalition.com or the Healthy Bahamas Coalition and Ministry of Health Facebook pages.

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