242 F.I.T. Guidelines

200,000 kg of weight loss


We invite all persons who are on a weight loss regime, to provide us with the amount of kilogrammes (or pounds) you would have lost each month. At least monthly, we will highlight a native or crop product which will help you to meet your weight-loss and wellness targets.

The Healthy Bahamas Coalition recommends participation in a wholesome weight-loss programme that includes the advice of your primary health care provider.  We do not endorse any product, but encourage weight loss to be pursued under the guidance of, or in consultation with, a licensed primary health care provider.

4 gallons of water drank every week


We encourage you to increase your water intake.  By drinking between eight to ten 8-oz cups of water each day, you will easily meet this target.  The benefits of water include reducing your caloric intake along with many others - such as increasing energy and relieving tiredness; flushing out toxins from the body; improving skin health; helping to gain and maintain regular bowel movement; boosting the immune system; helping to relieve headaches caused by dehydration; preventing muscles sprains and cramping, as well as helping to lubricate joints; and helping to save money.

2 Billion steps


Increasing energy expenditure is a critical component of healthy weight-loss regimes.  We are inviting you to increase your steps (those that can walk).  With step-counting technology in wrist watches and cell phones, or even pedometers, we encourage you to indicate to send us, on a weekly basis the amount of steps you or your family as a collective group would have taken during the previous week.  Choosing one day of the week to make your consistent reporting on will help us to keep track of your steps.  Check out our Facebook page weekly for ideas to make walking more exciting.


Make your weight-loss and increase opportunities for physical activities FUN.  Find a friend to walk with.  Dance along your routes with headphones on.  Join a Junkanoo group and prepare for the parades.  Take up running, cycling or marathon running.  Dust of those old roller blades and take a trip down memory lane.  Increase your opportunities to go swimming.  Grease the chains on your children's bicycle and take it for a spin around the block.  Use time for exercise to bond with loved ones and friends.  


Make your steps to greater wellness intentional.  Plan how you will find more time to cook healthy meals or increase the amount of exercise you will engage in on a regular manner.   Set reasonable weightloss goals of half to one pound per week.  Identify small changes in how you eat toward developing a healthier, lower calorie diet.  

Be consistent!  Write down and share your targets and goals with friends, family or co-workers, who will help you keep on track.  Be realistic.  Seek the help of certified fitness coaches and dietitians.  Be intentional!


As the saying goes - teamwork makes the dream work.  We dream of a healthier Bahamas where there is reduced rates of hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attacks, knee and back pains, and early death due to noncommunicable diseases.  We dream of no longer being among the top ten heaviest nations in the world!  

We can only achieve these realities if we work together as a society to ensure that safeguards are in place to assist those with less willpower than others. We have to look out for each other and work together to improve our national health score card.